International and Professional Experience

At the Centre for International & Professional Experience (CIPE), we create global opportunities that will enhance our students’ academic learning, broaden their perspectives, and hone the skills they need to succeed as students today and leaders tomorrow.

About CIPE

Career Development

We support students in embarking on a journey of self-discovery to identify career paths that make good use of their gifts and talents.

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Study Abroad

We broaden students’ learning through international exposure on semester and summer study abroad programmes around the world.

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Leadership and Social Impact

We develop students’ self-awareness, enhance their ability to collaborate in teams, and commit to a common purpose with their community.

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Graduate School and Global Scholarships

We support students and alumni pursuing graduate studies and global scholarships through specialised advising.

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Yale-NUS Flagship Programmes

Week 7 and Learning Across Boundaries (LABs)

We create distinctive experiential learning opportunities, developed in collaboration with Yale-NUS College faculty.

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Student Research

We support students in exploring their interests in specific disciplines and gaining research experience under faculty mentorship, either in Singapore or overseas.

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CIPE offers a global portfolio of learning opportunities to reflect the diverse interests and aspirations of Yale-NUS students. Our goal is to broaden students’ interests, build critical skills, and prepare them for life after college.

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