About CIPE

We create a portfolio of global opportunities that will enhance our students’ academic learning, broaden their perspectives and hone the skills and character they need to succeed as students today and leaders tomorrow.

The Centre for International & Professional Experience (CIPE) integrates traditionally separate and often silo-ed components of experience-based learning (such as study abroad, summer sessions, internships, career services, leadership and service programming, research attachments) under one roof. This allows for a student-centered and holistic approach to the personal, professional and intellectual development of our students.

The Centre will have a team of dedicated counsellors who will work with every Yale-NUS student to craft an individualised portfolio of learning opportunities. CIPE counsellors will provide support for navigating the available opportunities, help identify areas for improvement and connect students with the best matches for maximising their growth. The Centre will also offer guidance on how to choose the right opportunity and how to enable each student to flourish in his or her new milieu.


CIPE Faculty Advisory Committee

The CIPE Faculty Advisory Committee serves as an important platform for faculty advocacy of co-curricular learning, familiarity with CIPE offerings and assessment of the rigor of proposed international or professional opportunities for students. The Centre works as closely as possible with faculty to conceptualise possibilities for learning experiences beyond the classroom, integrate these experiences back into the classroom and on campus, and provide essential resources in implementing experience-based programming.


CIPE Student Advisory Committee

Student interests are important drivers of CIPE programming and the nine member Student Advisory Committee is an important source of input and guidance about areas of student interest. CIPE aims to strike a balance between creating established programming and creating opportunities for student-generated ideas to flourish.

10 Reasons to Serve on the CIPE Student Advisory Committee

Download the CIPE Student Advisory Committee Application Form here