Career Development

Helping students embark on a journey of self-discovery to identify
career paths that make good use of their gifts and talents.
Career Development

Our students'

We guide and support our students on their path of self-exploration, equip them with the personal and professional tools to help them make informed choices, and engage them in meaningful activities outside of the classroom that will provide a strong foundation for a fulfilling career path.

1. Exploring

In the Exploring phase, we meet with every student to get to know them better and consequently, help them to better understand themselves.

2. Equipping

In the Equipping phase, we launch a series of personal development and skill-building workshops where students acquire specific skills relating to their areas of interest.

3. Engaging

In the Engaging phase, students will have a choice of practical experiences: an internship with one of our partner organisations, a local or international fellowship, or a summer research attachment.

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Students will have a choice of practical experiences: an internship with one of our partner organisations, a local or international fellowship, or a summer research attachment.

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Attend career talks, speaker series and networking events

Students will have the chance to meet and talk to a variety of industry professionals and build a network of contacts who can give them valuable career advice and insights.

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Internships are great experiential learning opportunities for students to explore their professional and academic interests.

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On-Campus Jobs

Gain working experience on campus during term and vacation time.

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What employers are saying about our students

  • Our Yale-NUS intern, Silvia, has contributed greatly not only with her insights in research, but also by bringing an infectious enthusiasm to the team. She has definitely left a lasting impression on me and the team here at SAP.

    Benjamin Yap
    SAP, Innovation Centre Network

  • Alston was responsible for the development of a financial literacy programme for low income women and various research projects including, but not limited to, micro-credit, entrepreneurship opportunities in the Philippines and online financial literacy resources. Alston was able to complete all his projects and meet all our goals and expectations. Alston has an excellent work ethic, he is efficient, takes initiative and is responsible. His research papers were nuanced and his curriculum notes were clear and detailed.

    Shibani Pandya

  • Tiffany gets on well with everyone on the Strategy team and the other interns, and played a critical role in getting the team to produce the required work. She would take the initiative to ask if unclear, or highlight all the clarification points before approaching one of the seniors. Tiffany challenges herself and approaches each task with a ‘can do’ attitude. She was able to think through and support hypotheses with valid supporting evidence and argue for each hypothesis constructed.

    Tanny Datta
    Strategy Group, KPMG

Partnering with us

Experiential learning through internships, study abroad opportunities, and social impact programmes broaden students' skills and knowledge outside of the classroom.

If you are interested in potentially hosting an intern or graduate at your organisation in Singapore or overseas, contact us at

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Resources for students

Find more information on exploring career interests, networking, resume and cover letter writing, interviewing and deciding on offers in the links below.

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