Career Services

The world we live in has been described as volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Thus, as we assist our students in their search for a future with meaning, we hope to help them embark on a journey of self-discovery to identify a path that makes good use of their gifts and talents. This journey will be a continuous one as work itself is a never-ending process of learning and change. In that respect, we will help students develop the ability to continuously reinvent themselves and move between worlds with ease, confidence and humility.


The 3Es: Exploring, Equipping, Engaging

The students’ journey with us at Career Services will take place in three phases: Exploring, Equipping, and Engaging. We will guide and support them on their path of self-exploration, equip them with the personal and professional tools to help them make informed choices, and engage them in meaningful activities outside of the classroom that will provide a strong foundation for a fulfilling career path.

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Specialises in supporting TGS students and careers in Communications, Journalism, Consumer & Lifestyle, Sciences and Industry, Tech & Start-ups (including VCs)
Specialises in careers in Social Impact, Education and International Development (including Embassies, Business Chambers, Risk and Political consulting) Oversees career services across all
industries and functions (Arts & Culture, Consulting, Financial Services, Legal and Public Sector)