In this phase, students will have a choice of practical experiences: an internship with one of our partner organisations, a local or international fellowship, or a summer research attachment. Upon their return to campus, students will have the chance to develop a platform to share insights and integrate their off-campus experiences into residential life. During this period, we will provide targeted career counselling and employment search support, alongside graduate and professional school counselling for students who are interested in pursuing post-graduate study.

Career Fairs and Networking

There are two main types of career fairs that will introduce students to a wide range of prospective employers: industry-specific (public, private and non-profit sectors) or location-specific (physical or virtual). Our counsellors will provide information and guidance on making the most of both types of career fairs. Please refer to the CIPE Events schedule on the homepage for upcoming career events. The registration process will depend on the type of event.

Types of Internships

In Career Services, we want to encourage our students to take their education on the road and test-drive what they have learned in the classroom. A strong emphasis will be placed on transformative experiences that may influence their career paths by enabling them to explore unfamiliar areas and venture beyond their comfort zones. One of our signature programmes is the mystery internship programme.

Employment Opportunities

Yale-NUS students will have the opportunity to apply for post-graduation employment with a wide variety of companies across industries, including multiple Yale-NUS partners in the public, private and non-profit sectors. Throughout the selection and application process for these opportunities, our career advisers will provide students with resume and cover letter reviews, interview coaching, and networking tips in order to maximise students’ ability to gain employment in their preferred field and company. Our internship and job portal lists all currently available internship and employment opportunities locally and overseas. Application requirements will vary depending on the type of internship, so students are strongly encouraged to research their preferred internship opportunities well in advance to ensure that they have the knowledge and skills to fulfil all requirements.

Interested in on-campus job opportunities? Click here.

Graduate and Professional School Advising

Contributing to Yale-NUS faculty projects in the sciences, social sciences or humanities, and participating in supervised and independent field research are excellent ways to explore a budding interest in specific subjects and prepare for future opportunities, including post-graduate studies.

As graduation approaches, our advisers will provide support in selecting post-graduate study programmes, help students identify areas for improvement in their skills or experience, and direct each student to suitable growth opportunities. Whether a student chooses to pursue further study in the humanities, sciences, education, business, public policy or social work, we will offer guidance in choosing the best programme for a student’s academic and professional development. You may reach out to Zhana Sandeva for further conversations.