The Exploring phase will be a time of self-discovery, when we will meet with each student to get to know them better and help them to know themselves better. We will provide 1-on-1 advising and counselling, useful resources and assessment tools that will allow students to explore their talents and personalities, as these are critical elements in determining their post-graduation options. We will further inform their choice by organising a series of talks and speaker events where students can interact with representatives of various industries.


Whether a Yale-NUS student is still unsure about which career path to take, or knows it exactly but doesn’t know how to get started, we are there to help. We will support each student to discover their inner drive and values through 1-on-1 sessions, self-awareness tools and teamwork events that will allow students to evaluate their strengths and to target areas of development. To make an appointment with a Career Services adviser, email Teo Shien-Min and Alicia Chew or visit us at Elm College, 12 College Ave West, #01-202.

Talks, Speaker Series and Networking Events

Reading about careers is a good start to finding one’s life path, but ultimately students will want to know the day-to-day realities of various professions. This is where we can help: through our speaker series and networking events, students will have the chance to meet and talk to a variety of industry professionals who will give the insider’s perspective on what it really means to be an entrepreneur, a museum curator, a biomedical researcher, a judge, a magazine editor, and many others. These events will also help students build a network of contacts who can give them valuable career advice and insights. In addition, we curate information about upcoming external career events.

For the latest event listings, please visit the Career Events page.