Graduate and Professional School

An opportunity to deepen your knowledge and skills in a specific field, to engage in advanced scholarship, and to make contacts that can propel your career development.

Graduate school is also markedly different from liberal arts undergraduate studies in its academic scope, expectations and environment. Clarifying your career and life path goals before considering graduate school will help you determine whether, when and in what form to pursue it.

That is why it pays off to pursue activities that would typically make you a strong graduate school applicant, as they also help you identify your passions and career direction. Those include challenging courses, internships and service work, high-level research, language study, self-initiated projects and extracurriculars. They open your mind, deepen your knowledge and connect you to professionals who can offer you invaluable perspectives on work in their field.

When you are ready to explore, the resources below will help you clarify your goals and learn about advanced degree types, programme selection and application requirements. If you have a strong interest in environmental studies, public health, business or public policy, consider the special programs with Yale University and the NUS Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy. For more information, contact the CIPE staff responsible for specific programmes.