The years your son or daughter will spend at university will be some of the most formative in their life. Career Services advisers will be a valuable source of support during this time of change, growth and shift of perspective. Our approach to student development is markedly holistic. We will map out students’ interests and personality in detail, help them choose a life path, equip them with the skills they need to succeed, and give them access to multiple opportunities to practice those skills. As a result, our students will emerge more confident, capable and aware of themselves, the world around them, and the opportunities they have to be successful.

Our colleagues at International Programmes, Co-curricular Programmes and Leadership & Global Citizenship will take care of other aspects of students’ development to make for well-rounded experiential learning, in the true spirit of the liberal arts.

If you have a question about our services or opportunities, or would like to collaborate with us, please email us at