Why Partner with Yale-NUS College

Yale-NUS College offers a unique learning experience following the liberal arts tradition, which establishes a broad interdisciplinary knowledge base for students. Our educational model encourages students to think critically, to analyse issues from multiple perspectives, and to draw connections between traditionally separate fields of study. Such an approach will help nurture our students to become observant, innovative and progressive thinkers. Complementary to the curriculum is a series of workshops to help students build their leadership potential and become effective communicators. Students’ minds and knowledge will be further broadened by a myriad of experiences outside of the classroom – internships, study abroad opportunities and community service in Singapore and overseas. Four of immersion in such holistic academic and extracurricular learning will ensure that our students develop the confidence, creativity and cultural sensitivity that will develop them into valuable contributors to any organisation in the increasingly competitive and globalised world.


What Employers are Saying about Yale-NUS Students & Interns

“Yale-NUS interns are full of initiative and are always up for a challenge. They are energized by new ideas and their enthusiasm enlivens the team. They are independent workers and creative problem solvers, who can identify new ways of doing things. They are also good team members who play well in a team, whether in leadership or supporting roles. They demonstrate a good awareness of team dynamics, work well with others and exercise empathy in their thoughts and actions.”

Centre for Strategic Futures, Prime Minister’s Office  

Peter (Yale-NUS, Class of 2018) shares about his summer 2017 internship experience at CSF: “I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Centre for Strategic Futures (CSF). The public service officers at CSF are experienced policy makers from diverse backgrounds who are incredibly enthusiastic about what they do. They were also genuinely invested in my internship experience. Under their mentorship, I learnt to grapple with the complexities of foresight work and witnessed firsthand the kind of creativity that it demands. Overall, working in an open environment where colleagues were unafraid to challenge each other’s’ points of view enabled me to develop my own critical thinking skills and grow professionally.”

For more information on internship opportunities available at CSF, please visit

“Alston was responsible for the development of a financial literacy programme for low income women and various research projects including, but not limited to, micro-credit, entrepreneurship opportunities in the Philippines and online financial literacy resources. Alston was able to complete all his projects and meet all our goals and expectations. Alston has an excellent work ethic, he is efficient, takes initiative and responsible. His research papers were nuanced and his curriculum notes were clear and detailed.”

Ms. Shibani Pandya

“Pragya worked on administrating and marketing our Commonwealth100 project. Pragya was hard-working, efficient, quick to learn, and very intelligent in her questions and approach. She got along remarkably well with the team, both in the Bangalore office, and globally over Skype. She is confident, communicative, and effective when set with clear targets.”

Ms. Megha Harish
Common Purpose

Common Purpose is a not-for-profit leadership development organization that specializes in crossboundary leadership. Founded in 1989, we run programmes in over 100 cities worldwide, and have more than 75,000 Alumni.

Commonwealth100 is a new, crowd-sourced, experiential, online leadership development programme that aims to equip a new generation of young leaders from the Commonwealth with skills relevant to the 21st century.

“Claire is very professional, hardworking, diligent and knowledgeable. She has strong research skills and is very quick at learning with little need for instructions or guidance.”

Mr. Lokesh Jetley

“Our Yale-NUS intern, Will’s key responsibilities were delivered with utmost competence. He was not treated as an “intern” but just like any normal colleague,  he was given important tasks that are valuable to the marketing team. His mastery of oral and written Chinese Mandarin was critical in making sure we launch our campaigns on time.”

Ms. Raisa Mislang
GlaxoSmithKline, Regional Marketing

“Koon Min (Yale-NUS, Class of 2018) impressed us by preparing for his internship before joining, while on his exchange semester. What I appreciated most about him was his team-player attitude – the willingness to help others even without being asked. We found Koon Min to be a strong learner who reacted to feedback quickly and positively. By the end of his internship, he was able to articulate his investment theses independently.”

Ms. Nicole Goh
GIC, Infrastructure Team

Koon Min (Yale-NUS, Class of 2018) shares his summer 2017 internship experience in the GIC Infrastructure team: “Over the course of my internship, I was fortunate to have worked on a transaction in the renewable energy and see it through to closing. The learning curve was steep, but I enjoyed being challenged and found meaning in the work I was doing. Importantly, I really appreciated that my colleagues were willing to both coach me as well as entrust me with real responsibilities. This convinced me that GIC is the place where I can see myself growing on a daily basis, and cemented my desire to return to the firm upon graduation.”

The GIC Internship is a 10-week programme that offers an immersive, hands-on experience of our company’s culture and work environment – one that embraces learning, collaboration, empowerment, and excellence. Find out more about GIC at

“It was a joy hosting Valerie, a Yale-NUS intern for the first time this year. We were particularly impressed by her problem solving and relationship building skills that she used to navigate her way through the complexity of her project, and Google. We would love to continue this partnership with Yale-NUS and play our part in nurturing these students!”

Mr. Daniel Wasik
Google, Recruiting and Industry Programs

“Our Yale-NUS intern, Silvia, has contributed greatly not only with her insights in research, but also by bringing an infectious enthusiasm to the team. She has definitely left a lasting impression on me and the team here at SAP.”

Mr. Benjamin Yap
SAP, Innovation Centre Network

“Pareen, our Yale-NUS intern, distinguished herself with her ability to quickly and intelligently digest large amounts complicated information – both about deal structures, as well as technologies – a skill she undoubtedly honed in her Liberal Arts curriculum at Yale-NUS.  She was also a very well-liked team member, whose demeanour exuded warmth and professionalism at the same time.  In fact, her direct supervisors felt comfortable enough with Pareen’s professionalism to take her to s with senior investment bankers and startup CEO’s almost from her first week! We look forward to continuing the partnership with Yale-NUS in 2018.”

Ms. Genevieve Godwin
Telenor Group, Digital Businesses

“Our Yale-NUS intern, Min, was an incredible addition to the business development team at Time Inc. over the summer where she was able to contribute from day one and proved herself to be efficient, hardworking and highly intelligent throughout her internship.  It was wonderful to work with an intern of this caliber.”

Ms. Wendy Zhang
Time Inc., International Business Development

“Amanda is pleasant, warm and personable, which were traits that stood her in good stead when communicating and interacting with colleagues, patients and clients alike. She is open-minded, thoughtful and reflective in her work, and it was a pleasure to see her grow even during the short time that she spent with us. Professionally, Amanda is hardworking and earnest in her work, and takes the initiative to learn and help out with tasks that needed to be done. She took an interest in learning new skills, attending research methodology workshops while she was with us. Amanda played a vital role in the preparation of an application for a large competitive research grant to study the effects of ageing on older people living with HIV. In addition, Amanda also took part in the coding and analyses of ongoing qualitative research projects on HIV and STI risk and transmission, as well as assisted in the conduct of data collection for an ongoing study on latent tuberculosis. Her contributions to these projects was invaluable.”

Dr. Wong Chen Seong
Department of Infectious Diseases, Tan Tock Seng Hospital

“Carol is very personable and quick to learn. You can really tell she’s listening and processing any task you assign her, and will work through issues on her own before asking for help. Carol certainly improved on our efficiency — she completed tasks promptly and very satisfactorily. We really enjoyed having Carol on board, and look forward to working more with Yale-NUS!”

Ms. Kim Tay
Gallery Director, The Artling

“Khang is a self-motivator with the ability to progress with tasks independently, interact with members of the company at all levels confidently yet respectfully and work enthusiastically in the team environment. Khang provided enthusiasm for all work, facilitating the creation of interesting content for our 1,400 JLT University ‘students’. He also provided data analytics capabilities that we were lacking within the team. Khang exceeded expectations and quickly became a valued member of the team. We were sad to see the end of his internship!”

Ms. Kelly Crouch
Head of JLT University Asia, Jardine Lloyd Thompson Asia Pte Ltd

“Tiffany gets on well with everyone on the Strategy team and the other interns and played a critical role in getting the team to produce the required work. She would take the initiative to ask if unclear, or highlight all the clarification points before approaching one of the seniors. Tiffany challenges herself and approaches each task with a ‘can do’ attitude and was able to think through and support hypotheses with valid supporting evidence, and argue for each hypothesis constructed. Tiffany also acted as one of the first points of contact between the team and the Director and ensured the work was delivered according to the Director’s vision. She approaches each task (ensuring she performs at her best) and also from the career conversations we have had (made it clear Strategy is very much the line she wants to pursue). Tiffany was a core member of the team that delivered a high-pressured project during her internship.”

Ms. Tanny Datta
Assistant Manager, Strategy Group, KPMG



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