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Internship Objectives, Terms and Conditions

Internship Objectives

We aim to provide our students with experiences that are as rigorous as their academic study at Yale-NUS. For this reason, we will seek to match students with internship opportunities that will equip them with transferable skills and knowledge which they can later apply in the classroom and in their future professional endeavours. To achieve this goal, we will work closely with employers to ensure that their organisational needs match our students’ areas of interest and that students will be working on meaningful projects and gaining useful skills during their internships.


Internship Terms and Conditions

We will evaluate potential internship opportunities according to a set of rigorous criteria; in many cases, we collaborate with employers on job descriptions and project allocation. We also ask employers to provide reference letters as a concrete record of the student’s contribution to the organisation, as an indicator of areas where the student needs to develop their knowledge and skills, and as a valuable addition to their professional portfolio when they pursue future opportunities.

FAQ for Prospective Internship Partners