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Career Interest and Self-Discovery Tools
Below are some common tools used for self-discovery and career guidance. While no single test can provide a 100% accurate assessment of your interests and inclinations, taking multiple tests may give you an indication of your general career and work style preferences.
Holland Code Personality Test Job Interest Profiler – discover personality traits and work environment preferences from a group of six categories.
HumanMetrics Jung Typology Test – based on Carl Jung’s and Isabel Myers-Briggs’ personal typology profiles (Extraverted/Introverted, Sensing/iNtuition, Thinking/Feeling, Judging/Perceiving). See suggested career paths based on your results. US-oriented.
ONet Interest Profiler – rank your preference for a variety of work tasks to learn more about your career interest and disposition. US-oriented.
The Princeton Review Career Quiz – explore your career interests and preferred working style, and get suggestions for career paths based on your results. US- and Canada-oriented.


Careers, Industry Trends and Company Profiles

Singapore General Resources
Economic Development Board – overviews of industry trends and recent industry areas of development in Singapore.
GradSingapore – career exploration, job and internship search, career advice, company profiles, recruitment events in Singapore.
GradConnection – search through employer programs and opportunities
NUS Career Magazine – this publication by the NUS International Relations Office covers career paths for various majors, job search, networking and career development tips.
Global General Resources
10 Minutes with… – informational interviews with industry practitioners from various countries, career matchmaking with direct outreach to companies, career advice blog, graduate school profiles and discussion forums.
Ask a Manager – career, job search and management advice blog with a Q&A structure. US-oriented, but much of the information is applicable across the board.
BusinessInsider Careers – career articles, rankings and tips.
Glassdoor – company reviews, job listings, company-specific interview questions and salary ranges.
GoingGlobal – country-specific career and employer info (80,000 pages) and job/internship listings.
My Next Move – career exploration, self-discovery tools. The information on various roles is widely applicable.
The Muse – career guidance and job listings. Mostly US-oriented.
The Riley Guide – career interest assessments, industry trends, resume, cover letter and interview tips, job listings, job search websites in all regions of the world, overseas relocation and employment info, cost of living tips and calculator, business and employer rankings. Various role descriptions and salary ranges. While it is US-oriented, much of the information is applicable across the board. – job functions, industries, and companies database. Company, internship and school rankings. Resume and cover letter tips and samples, career advice blog, career publications.

What can I do with this major? – information on specific opportunities linked to majors
WetFeet – personalized Insider answers that help you get your dream job!

Specific Career Resources
The Idealist Guide to Non-Profit Careers – a guidebook for all who are considering a career with a non-profit/philanthropic focus. US-oriented, but much of the advice applies across the board.
Levo League – career development tips primarily for young female professionals. Career mentors, industry leader talks, career development guides, job listings.
Intro to Investment Banking, M&A, IPO, Modelling – an online course taught by award winning MBA professor and ex-Goldman Sachs banker, Prof. Chris Haroun, on general business, accounting and finance concepts.


Career Exploration Articles and Videos

7 ways to figure out what to do with your life
How to Find and Do Work You Love, by Scott Ginsmore (TEDx Golden Gate Park)
To Find Work You Love, Don’t Follow Your Passion, by Benjamin Todd (TEDxYouth@Tallinn)

Internship & Job Search

General Tips
How to draw attention when looking for a job
Smart job hunting
Penultimate year internships
How to boost your LinkedIn presence

Internship and Job Search Portals

Careers@gov – internships and jobs in the Singapore public service sector. – career guidance, jobs and internships in Singapore.
GradConnection – search through employer programs and opportunities
GradSingapore – career exploration, internship and job opportunities in Singapore, career advice, company profiles, recruitment events for future or fresh graduates. – internships and jobs in Singapore.
Internships@gov – internships in the Singapore public sector. – internships in Singapore.
NUS TalentConnect – NUS career portal with job and internship postings. – internships and jobs in Singapore.
Asia Pacific – internships and jobs in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. – jobs and internships in Asia Pacific. – internships and jobs in Asia Pacific, career advice and training.
GoingGlobal – country-specific career and employer info (80,000 pages) and job/internship listings. – internships, jobs, and volunteer opportunities in the nonprofit sector worldwide. – jobs listings, resume and cover letter tips, career development advice. US-oriented.
The Riley Guide – job listings and job search websites from around the world.
Startup Jobs – global job listings in startup companies.
Resume and Cover Letter Writing

The resources below give you general tips and guidelines on resume and cover letter writing. While they are good starting points, always ensure that the tips you follow apply to your specific situation. Content and format requirements vary between continents and countries; research the specific company and location to glean what would be the best approach.
General resume guidelines
Resume writing tips
Resume Guide by
Action verbs
Resume tailoring tips
5 resume mistakes to avoid
Improve your applicant tracking system ranking

General cover letter guidelines
How to write a great cover letter

The Ultimate LinkedIn Guide, by
How to create a professional LinkedIn profile
Tips to optimize your LinkedIn profile

Handouts:  Resume Review Checklist, Cover Letter Guidelines, Resume Sample – YaleNUS, CV Sample – Research, Cover Letter Sample



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