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In the Equipping phase we will launch a series of personal development and skill-building workshops where students can acquire specific skills relating to their areas of interest. Such opportunities will prepare students for future responsibilities and maximise their capacity to learn from upcoming professional experiences.

Workshops and Seminars: Objectives

In order to confidently apply for and make the most of professional opportunities, students will need to learn varying sets of hard and soft skills. Career Services workshops on various topics will ensure that students will handle the challenges of internship and job applications, present their personal portfolio with poise and conviction, and bring tangible value to the companies they join. From resume and cover letter writing, to interviewing, public speaking and web development, we will organise multiple workshops to help students cultivate the skills they need to be successful in the life path they have chosen to pursue.

Workshops and seminars will include:

  1. Cover Letter and Resume/CV Writing (for employment and graduate school applications)
  2. Interviewing for Success (for employment and graduate school applications)
  3. Professional and Personal Branding
  4. Professional Etiquette and Grooming
  5. Professional and Personal Connecting Skills
  6. Personal Portfolio Building (research and published works)

Workshops in 2015:

Cover letter and Resume Workshop by CIPE (13 and 27 January 2015)

This workshop, held every second semester before the summer vacation, aims to introduce students to the art (and science) of writing a successful cover letter and resume. A structured lesson that includes group exercises and lively sharing by different members of the Career Services team, students can expect to go away with good knowledge of writing an effective document, and in the process becoming better prepared for the upcoming summer internship applications.

The Art of the “Coffee Chat” – a guide to networking for jobs by Jonathan Kwan (11 March 2015)

Jonathan Kwan, one of Singapore’s leading career coaches, introduced students to the world of the hidden job market, one that is only accessible via networking, or “coffee chats”. The 2 hour workshop saw students getting acquainted with the ins and outs of the hidden job market, as well as crafting their own and assessing each other’s coffee chat invitations.

Events Schedule and How to Register

More details about upcoming events can be found on the Event Calendar. To register, please send an email to

Additional Resources

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