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External Adviser Programme (EAP)


At some point in our personal and professional lives, many of us have benefitted from the positive impact of someone who made a difference in our lives. CIPE recognises the tremendous value of one-on-one advising and thus all our students have a dedicated CIPE adviser throughout their 4 years in college. As the student population continues to grow in the coming years, we are pleased to launch the External Advisers Programme (EAP), where students can benefit from the experience and insights of accomplished professionals from a diverse range of occupations and industries. Together with CIPE, EAP Advisers, who are familiar with assessment tools and advising methodologies, will assist you in navigating opportunities offered by the college and identifying areas for improvement to maximise opportunities for growth.

Engagement Process

Each student will be offered a total of 2 hours per academic year under EAP. You can either utilise the full 2 hours in one session or to split into two 1-hour sessions, with the same adviser or with another. CIPE will suggest a suitable adviser for you where appropriate but you may wish to select your own.
Engagement Process

Adviser Profiles – please click on their names for their detailed profiles


Bill ANG Emi EU Alex HOPE
Andrew JONES Jonathan KWAN Yin Cheng LAU
Clement ONG Nick WOOD Peter DALGLISH


External Adviser Programme FAQ

  1. How do I choose who to meet?

Many of our advisers come with significant experiences across different industries and functional expertise that you can tap on for advice and guidance.  You may select your adviser based on an interest to get to know a specific industry or function better, or to further enhance your knowledge in these areas.  Some are currently full-time career coaches and you can also tap on their experiences in polishing up your skills in interviewing, networking etc.

Before you meet your adviser, please remember to complete this form first and then pass it to your adviser during the advising session.

  1. How can I best use my 2 hours per academic year with the external advisers?

You can either use your full 2-hours session at once with an adviser or choose to split them into two 1-hour sessions with any adviser.  We recommend that you first think about what you want to accomplish before you meet with your adviser and agree on a few outcomes for the meeting.

  1. What if I need more than 2 hours per academic year?

Please write to CIPE with the rationale for extra hours at  Each request will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

  1. Where do we meet for the advising session?

We recommend meeting on campus, perhaps in one of CIPE’s meeting rooms.  Please send your request for a meeting room to

For those on semester studies abroad, you can conduct your 1-1 sessions over video calls as an option.  All other advising sessions should be in person so do plan your advising sessions in advance.  Please remember to complete this form and send an electronic copy to your adviser first before you begin the session.

  1. What if I cannot make it for the advising session?

Please note that for any cancellations, you will need to inform your adviser at least 24 hours in advance.  Any no-shows or cancellations within 24 hours will be deemed that you have utilised the session.