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Five Year Programme with Yale School of Public Health

The Master in Public Health Programme at the Yale School of Public Health is designed to provide the students with rigorous education and training in public health. A unique sequencing of courses, community-based practice activities, and field or laboratory research provides students with multiple opportunities to tailor their academic programmes to their specific career interests. Students can choose concentrations in:

  • Biostatistics
  • Environmental Health Sciences
  • Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Health Policy

A total of 18 course units is required for the MPH degree. Students in the this programme affiliate with one of the above five departments at the School of Public Health. Their primary adviser comes from this department/programme and their specific requirements within the five-year programme are defined by this affiliation.  Several course requirements will be taken during Year 4, semester 1 at Yale College, with the remaining requirements satisfied during the one year enrollment at the Yale School of Public Health.

The following information provides guidance from the type of courses you must take in order to be considered for this programme, to advice on topics such as what to do during your summers to be a competitive candidate. CIPE is here to help you prepare for a successful application process!

An information sheet detailing comprehensive requirements of the Concurrent Degree Programmes can be found here.


Year 3, Semester 1 Students apply to the concurrent degree programme between October 1 and November 2. Interviews take place during the last week in November and are conducted by telephone or Skype. Students are notified of the decision on their application in early December
Year 3, Semester 2 In January, Students inform CIPE of their acceptance and prepare for study abroad the following semester. Throughout Year 3, Students take Yale-NUS major courses and courses that will prepare them for graduate level courses at YSPH
Year 4, Semester 1 Accepted students spend this semester at the Yale School of Public Health taking 4 courses and begin work on capstone projects
Year 4, Semester 2 Students spend this semester at Yale-NUS completing capstone project, taking 2 approved public-health related courses at Yale-NUS or NUS and 1 elective/major course
Summer Break between Year 4 and Year 5 Students participate in a public health-related internship during this time. Internships must be approved by the Office of Public Health Practice
Year 5 Students spend entire fifth year at the School of Public Health taking prescribed classes



Applicants are assessed on their:

  • Commitment to the protection and improvement of the health of the public
  • Passion for the field of public health
  • Academic and professional accomplishments (high grades and SAT scores)
  • Display of leadership, teamwork skills, and public-spirited initiative such as creating or participating in civil society, non-profit, or think-tank organisations



Applications consist of:

  • Online application at
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Transcripts
  • Personal essay on why Public Health
  • Application Fee of USD $60
  • Application will be open October 1 with a deadline of November 1, 2016



Student take at least four of the following courses during this semester:

  • BIS 505a – Introduction to Statistical Thinking I
  • CDE 505a – Social & Behavioral Foundations of Health
  • CDE/EMD 508a – Principles of Epidemiology I
  • BIS 505b – Introduction to Statistical Thinking II
  • EPH 515b – Introduction to Research and Professional Ethics Seminar
  • HPM 510a – Introduction to Health Policy and Health Systems
    HPM 560b Health Economics and US Health Policy
  • EHS 510b Contemporary Issues in Environmental Health
    EHS 503a Introduction to Toxicology



  • Internships can be anywhere in the world
  • Must be relevant to public health and be approved by the Office of Public Health Practice
  • Internship must be in the summer between Year 4 and Year 5
  • Must be at least ten weeks of full time work in a public health setting

Timelines for Internship Approval

  • April 30: Student work plans are due to the Office of Public Health Practice for review and approval
  • September 15: Student’s Evaluation and Final Report are due
  • September 15: Preceptor Evaluation is due


Year 5 Courses:


Yale-NUS will be providing one scholarship open to students applying to the YSPH Concurrent Degree Programme.  Details of the scholarship can be found here:

The H. L. Kwee Scholarship is open to Singaporean citizens and is a need-based scholarship.  Information of the Scholarship Scheme is attached here.  The Procedure for the Scholarship is listed here.  Finally, the Application Form itself is attached here.  Students are required to submit their application for the Scholarship on Symplicity.  The 2017 deadline for Yale-NUS funding is 3pm on March 21, 2017.

Students are encouraged to read the YSPH Financial Aid page to learn more about the YSPH financial aid options.  US students are eligible to apply for FAFSA and YSPH Funding (more information about merit-based, need-based, and federal scholarships and loans for US citizens can be found here).  International students are eligible to apply for some YSPH Funding (more information about merit-based scholarships for International students can be found here).  Deadlines for each of the scholarships differs.  CIPE encourages students to closely monitor the deadlines for all merit-based, need-based, and federal scholarships and loans.


Presentation from August 2016 Information Session



Charlotte Evans (CIPE Advisor)

Alex Cook (Academic Advisor)