Week 7 LAB Projects 2017

Beyond Slavery: Human Trafficking and Migrant Exploitation in Southeast Asia

Participating Faculty: Kevin McGahan (NUS)

Project Duration: Wednesday, 27 September to Saturday, 7 October

IMPORTANT NOTE: This Week 7 will require a student co-pay of S$500. (Financial aid and merit grants are available. Please do not let finances deter you from participating).



Course Summary:

This Week 7 course is designed to offer students an interactive learning experience that analytically explores the various dimensions of human trafficking, particularly within the context of Southeast Asia. The mini-course is focused on critically examining the following questions, which students will reflect upon through their journals during the course: What are the proximate causes and consequences of human trafficking within and across regions? What are the different forms of trafficking (e.g., sex trafficking, forced labor, domestic servitude)? What is the relationship between human rights and human trafficking? How do governments, the media, and others portray trafficked persons and more importantly, how do trafficked persons express themselves?

Partner Organisations:

EmancipAsia (Singapore-based NGO)

Project X (Singapore-based NGO)

HOME (Singapore-based NGO)

TWC2 (Singapore-based NGO)

US Embassy in Singapore (US Government)

Singapore Inter-Agency TaskForce on Trafficking in Persons (Singapore Government)

Sala Bai (Cambodia-based NGO)

Friends International (Cambodia-based NGO)

Hagar (local chapter in Cambodia)

World Vision (local chapter in Cambodia)

Chab Dai (Cambodia-based NGO) and the Freedom Collaborative

CARAM (Cambodia-based NGO)