Week 7 LAB Projects 2017

Global City: Spaces of Globalisation in Singapore

Participating Faculty: Anju Mary Paul

Project Duration: Friday, 29 September to Saturday, 7 October

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Course Summary:

Singapore has been striving to become a “global city” since the early days of its independence. Looking at the city today in the twenty-first century, we can conclude that Singapore has been wildly successful at these efforts. But what does it mean to be a global city? And how does globalization manifest itself in Singapore? This Week 7 takes students on an exploration of key spaces of globalisation in Singapore, from its busy port to its expatriate enclaves to its financial center. Along the way, students will be introduced to various theories of and controversies surrounding different dimensions of globalisation.

Students in this Week 7 project will

  • Witness the different dimensions of globalisation from the accelerating flows of capital, goods, and people around the world, to integrated financial markets, to changes in consumption patterns.
  • Explore various theories of globalisation and global cities
  • Engage with the debates surrounding globalisation from the perspective of Singapore and its residents
  • Learn about Singapore’s past and present efforts to open itself to global trade and commerce, and the consequences these initiatives have had on Singapore’s demographics, economy, and social fabric

Partner Organisations:

  • Singapore Stock Exchange
  • Monetary Authority of Singapore
  • Changi Airport Authority
  • Singapore Port Authority
  • Urban Redevelopment Authority
  • Asian Civilisations Museum
  • Sentosa Cove
  • HealthServe
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