Week 7 LAB Projects 2017

History of the Modern World in a Very Small Place

Participating Faculty: Jessica Hanser and EeCheng Ong (NUS)

Project Duration: Tuesday, 26 September to Saturday, 7 October


  • This Week 7 departs on Tuesday, September 26. Students will need to return early from vacation and should plan on having preparatory work done before the trip.
  • This Week 7 will require a student co-pay of S$200. (Financial aid and merit grants are available. Please do not let finances deter you from participating).


  • Summary
  • Itinerary
  • Readings

Course Summary:

This course immerses students in the history of Penang. Together we will explore various layers of Penang’s history by examining the lives and livelihoods of a diverse group of the island’s inhabitants over the past three centuries. We also hone in on a few Chinese immigrants who made great fortunes due to economic globalisation in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Students will have an opportunity to experience Penang’s history and cultural hybridity. Students will learn about empire, economics, and identity on a small island that has been home to many different linguistic, religious, and political communities, namely Malays, Chinese, Baba Nyonya, Indians, Jawi Peranakan, Acehnese, Armenians, Sephardi Jews, Germans, and British.

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