Week 7 LAB Projects 2017

Living with Global Finance

Participating Faculty: John Driffill and Michael Schmertzler

Project Duration: Monday, 25 September to Saturday, 7 October


  • This Week 7 departs on Monday, September 25. Students will need to return early from vacation and should plan on having preparatory work done before the trip.
  • This Week 7 will require a student co-pay of S$500. (Financial aid and merit grants are available. Please do not let finances deter you from participating).


  • Summary
  • Itinerary
  • Readings

Course Summary:

The course is intended to give the students a better understanding of financial markets through a mixture of readings, classes, discussions, meetings with people who work in the markets, and by observing financial markets at work.  They should obtain a critical understanding of finance, including a knowledge of how the markets are supposed to work, channeling savings to people who want to borrow and firms who want to invest to promote an efficient allocation of resources, economic growth and prosperity.  And they also understand how and why markets may appear dysfunctional, sources of instability, and contributors to inequality, with their own agenda and political influence.  We might reflect on the need for regulation (or not), forms of regulation, and the value of implicit public guarantees.  The course should also be about international financial centres, the agglomeration of concentrations of financial activity in a few locations.

The students will meet practitioners in financial markets (in banks, stock markets, foreign exchange markets, and central banks), and visit financial institutions in Singapore and Hong Kong, where the practitioners will explain the institutions that that make up the financial centres and how the markets work.  They will have readings and classes on the theory of finance and banking to provide background knowledge and enable them to engage with market practitioners.

The course will last about a week, split between a few days in Singapore, and four in Hong Kong.

Partner Organisations:

  • Singapore Exchange
  • Hong Kong Monetary Authority
  • GIC
  • Economic Development Board
  • BNP Paribas
  • Credit Suisse
  • Hillhouse
  • Morrison Foerster
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