Week 7 LAB Projects 2017

Narrating the Body

Participating Faculty: Carissa Foo and Pramodini Parayitam

Project Duration: Saturday, 23 September to Saturday, 7 October


  • This Week 7 departs on Saturday, September 23. Students will need to return early from vacation and should plan on having preparatory work done before the trip.
  • This Week 7 will require a student co-pay of S$1,000. (Financial aid and merit grants are available. Please do not let finances deter you from participating).
  • Summary
  • Itinerary
  • Readings

Course Summary:

This course will study the presentation of the body in traditional Japanese sports and performing arts, with focus on Sumo, Kendo, Kyudo, and Sado. We will examine the discipline and morphology of the body: how posture and comportment reflect the tension between grace and force, competition and camaraderie; how the body, with its gestures and garbs, becomes performative and symbolic, reflecting a tacit agreement and understanding between the sportsperson as actor and perceiver as audience. As viewers, we will consider the perceptual experience of the body’s performance, track and appreciate the evolution of the art as it exists in contemporary society. What might emerge from this course is a better awareness of our material existence and how we narrate with a bodily language.

Partner Organisations:

  • Toyo University
  • Yarai Nohgakudo


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