Week 7 LAB Projects 2017

Singapore’s Shipping and Maritime Experience

Participating Faculty: Nancy Gleason and Tom White

Project Duration: Friday, 29 September to Saturday, 7 October

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Course Summary:
The purpose of this Week 7, “Singapore’s Shipping & Maritime Experience”, is to purposefully engage with students in direct maritime experiences and focused reflection on those experiences in order to increase their knowledge about the movement of goods and services and to clarify purpose around the shipping industry in Singapore. Although shipping can involve everything from Cargo ports, to ship recycling, to trade flow logistics, to security, to wet cargo, to crisis response industries to piracy, this week will focus on those specifically relevant to Singapore. Learning through experience, and learning through discovery and exploration, Yale-NUS students will gain a 360-degree perspective on the maritime history and industries of Singapore – one of the world’s most important ports. Carefully chosen maritime experiences will be arranged, and the final report of the project is intended to support reflection, critical analysis and synthesis of the information we will all be absorbing. Throughout the week, students will be actively engaged in posing questions, investigating, experimenting, being curious, solving problems, assuming responsibility, being creative and constructing meaning around Singapore’s shipping industry. They will be devising visual depictions through photography of the industry and where it is going in the future.

The faculty members leading this Week 7 are Nancy Gleason (Social Sciences, Global Affairs) and Tom White (Arts and Humanities, Photography). They will be posing problems around the shipping industry context, supporting students’ learning, and ensuring the students’ physical and emotional safety, while facilitating the learning process. They will work to recognise and encourage spontaneous opportunities for learning around the theme of Singapore’s Shipping Narrative. We will be working with industry participants to give students the best access to this industry we can support.


Partner Organisations:

  • BW Maritime
  • Singapore Maritime Foundation
  • Maritime Port Authority
  • Singapore Shipping Association
  • Port of Singapore Authority
  • ReCAAP
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