Week 7 LAB Projects 2017

Urban Soundscapes: Exploring Sonic Environments, The Heartland Chapter

Participating Faculty: Cheng Yi’En and Jon He Jingyin

Project Duration: Tuesday, 26 September to Saturday, 7 October


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Course Summary:

This course explores the intersection between sound and urban environments. The city often evokes visualisations and maps that privilege the ocular ‘way of knowing’. Our experiences of urban environments are nevertheless profoundly sensuous and embodied. What happens when we tune in to the city differently? In this Week 7 on Urban Soundscapes (defined as the acoustic environments that are shaping and shaped by urban processes), we transform the Singapore city into an urban lab for exploring the auditory component of the city. In particular, we focus on heartlands to learn about how sound, music and noise are implicated in the spatial and temporal organisation of urban spaces and cultures.

Using soundwalk (walk that directs energy on listening to the environment) as an experimental method, we enter a moment of praxis to immerse in, document, and re-produce urban soundscapes. We will embark on curated soundwalks in selected heartlands across Singapore, acquire techniques to harvest and re-create myriad sounds these places offer through mini assignments, and engage in go-along exploration of urban concepts and discourses. The week-long lab culminates with a showcase of student-led projects that resonate with the theme heartland soundscapes.

Partner Organisations:

  • National Archives of Singapore (Audiovisual and Sound Recordings)
  • NTU School of Art, Design, and Media (ADM), and Asst. Prof. Ross Adrian Williams
  • New Zealand based Independent Artist, Charlotte Parallel
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