Week 7 LAB Projects 2018

The Odyssey Within

Participating Faculty: Lee Chee Keng

Project Duration: Wednesday, 26 September to Saturday, 6 October


Course Summary:

This Week 7 project consist of a one-week intensive creative workshop that aims to guide participants to investigate and reflect upon the topic of journeying and wandering with reference to Homer’s Odyssey covered in LH1 in the first six weeks. Participants will contemplate the journeys they have made as well as the journeys (both physically and metaphorically) they plan to take. They will discuss and critically reflect on these journeys with reference to Homer’s Odyssey, and will be guided to process, reconstruct and reexamine these journeys as a collaborative performance-making process facilitated by established professional artists. This course will culminate in a performance at the Week 7 Symposium.

Partner Organisations:

Hiroshi Koike Bridge Project (Japan)

The Finger Players (Singapore)

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