Week 7 LAB Projects 2018

Writing about Singaporean Food

Participating Faculty: Ila Tyagi

Project Duration: Wednesday, 26 September to Saturday, 6 October


Course Summary:

Singapore has a distinctively vibrant food culture for a variety of reasons, including its geographic location at the nexus of transnational trade routes, its racial and ethnic diversity, and its wealth. This course is designed to encourage students to think more critically about the food on their plates: to recognize that it does not simply magically appear there, but is deeply enmeshed in long histories of planet-wide commerce. To help students situate food within larger spatial contexts and longer timelines, the course proceeds in reverse chronological order through the life cycle of what they eat, beginning with food consumption on Days 1-3, followed by a focus on food distribution on Day 4, and concluding with an emphasis on food production through a guided farm tour on Day 5. Along the way, students will push their experiences with food through the mesh of written language in order to take elements of meals that are often abstract  ––taste, identity, dietary rationales––and make them concrete.

Partner Organisations:

Urban Adventures


Bollywood Veggies

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