Global Scholarships Advising

Global scholarships, fellowships and awards provide competitive, merit-based funding opportunities for students to pursue distinctive experiences around the world, including:

  • Graduate study
  • Research
  • Leadership development
  • Social impact work
  • Intercultural engagement
  • Professional development

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To apply for these opportunities, candidates are invited to develop and articulate their personal story on how they hope to make a meaningful impact.

Regardless of the outcome, applicants are challenged to clarify their goals, engage in critical reflection, build relationships with mentors, and strengthen their communication skills.

CIPE advising is available to students to:

  • discuss how they can align specific scholarships with their individual goals
  • provide feedback on personal statements and proposals
  • help with interview preparations, and
  • support navigation of the application process

Read our guide to apply for global scholarships

Jenika Kaul
Senior Programme Manager, Leadership & Global Citizenship