Concurrent Degree with Yale School of Public Health

The Master in Public Health Programme at the Yale School of Public Health provides the students with rigorous education and training in public health. A unique sequence of courses, community-based practice, and field or laboratory research provides students with multiple opportunities to tailor their academic programmes to their specific career interests.

Students can choose concentrations in:

  • Biostatistics
  • Environmental Health Sciences
  • Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Health Policy

A total of 18 course units is required for the MPH degree. Students in the this programme affiliate with one of the above five departments at the School of Public Health. Their primary adviser comes from this department/programme and their specific requirements within the five-year programme are defined by this affiliation.  Several course requirements will be taken during Year 4, semester 1 at Yale College, with the remaining requirements satisfied during the one-year enrollment at the Yale School of Public Health.

Timelines to Consider

Year 3, Semester 1Students apply to the concurrent degree programme between October 1 and November 1. Interviews take place during the last week in November and are conducted by telephone or Skype. Students are notified of the decision on their application in early December.
Year 3, Semester 2In January, Students inform CIPE of their acceptance and prepare for study abroad the following semester. Throughout Year 3, Students take Yale-NUS major courses and courses that will prepare them for graduate-level courses at YSPH. Students may opt to study abroad for a semester during year 2 or 3, but should consult with their Major Advisor to make sure they fulfill all undergraduate modular requirements
Year 4, Semester 1Accepted students spend this semester at the Yale School of Public Health taking 4 courses and begin work on capstone projects.
Year 4, Semester 2Students spend this semester at Yale-NUS completing capstone project, taking 2 approved public-health related courses at Yale-NUS or NUS and 1 elective/major course.
Summer Break between Year 4 and Year 5Students participate in a ten-week public health-related internship during this time. Internships must be approved by the Office of Public Health Practice.
Year 5Students spend entire fifth year at the School of Public Health taking prescribed classes.


Admissions decisions are made strictly by YSPH, and CIPE does not make any admissions decisions or recommendations.  Applicants are assessed by YSPH on their:

  • Commitment to the protection and improvement of the health of the public
  • Passion for the field of public health
  • Academic and professional accomplishments (high grades and SAT scores)
  • Display of leadership, teamwork skills, and public-spirited initiative such as creating or participating in civil society, non-profit, or think-tank organisations

Application Process

For information on application, refer to YSPH’s Application Procedures.

Financing the Final Year of Study

Yale-NUS awards two scholarships open to students admitted to the YSPH Concurrent Degree Programme. Both scholarships have March deadlines and early April notifications. To apply or to learn more, contact

The H. L. Kwee Scholarship is a need-based scholarship open to Singaporean citizens which aims to cover the cost of tuition charged by the Yale professional school (unless revised downward based on other aid received; see below).  The Scholarship may be awarded to students enrolled in either Concurrent Degree Program, either with the Yale School of Public Health or the Yale School of the Environment. Applicants must have demonstrated financial need as determined by the Yale-NUS College Office of Financial Aid.

The Bataua Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship open to students of all nationalities which aims to cover the tuition fees charged by the Yale professional school (unless revised downward based on other aid received; see below). The Bataua Scholarship is awarded first to students enrolled in the Concurrent Degree Program with the Yale School of the Environment, but if there are no suitable recipients in a particular year, the scholarship may be awarded to a student enrolled in the Concurrent Degree Programme with the Yale School of Public Health.

Financial aid may be available from the Yale professional school; students are encouraged to read the YSPH Financial Aid page to learn more.

Note that if a student receives both need-based aid from the Yale professional school (either through internal funding or through FAFSA), and also a Yale-NUS award (H. L. Kwee or Bataua), the Yale-NUS award will be revised downward by the amount of the Yale financial aid award. Aid received from other organizations does not affect the amounts of the Yale-NUS awards.

Details of the Degree Awarding Process

1. Modular Credits at Yale-NUS and Yale School of Public Health

Students will offer a minimum of 135 Yale-NUS modular credits plus 18 course credits at Yale over five years. Students are responsible for obtaining the most up-to-date information regarding requirements for their major from their respective faculty/departments.  The MC system will be used for Yale-NUS College only and the course credit system will be used by YSPH only.  Yale-NUS College modules are designed as 5 MC while one YSPH course credit is one module.

    • Yale-NUS College – 135 MCs;

      • 60 MCs will be devoted to the Liberal Arts Common Curriculum;
      • 50 MCs to the Major (including a 10 MC Capstone project);
      • 25 MCs to the Liberal Arts Electives

YSPH – 18 course credits

    • 2 of which may be taken at Yale-NUS College or NUS with approval.

A maximum of 2 courses in the student’s major or electives taken at Yale-NUS or NUS (with prior approval) may be counted towards the MPH degree requirements.  This amounts to 8 to 10 MCs at Yale-NUS College.  Due to this double counting of 2 Yale-NUS and/or NUS modules in Semester 2 of Year 4, the undergraduate component of this CDP program will appears as 135+8=143/135+10=145 MCs on the Yale-NUS undergraduate transcript, dependent on the 8 to 10 MC credit range.

Students are encouraged to confer early with their faculty advisor about capstone requirements at Yale-NUS, particularly if the student plans to spend a semester away beyond the Year 4 Semester 1 time at Yale.

Students will receive two separate transcripts reflecting their undergraduate and graduate work.

2. Studying Abroad at Yale (Year 4, Semester 1)


Student take at least four of the following courses during this semester:

  • BIS 505a – Introduction to Statistical Thinking I
  • CDE 505a – Social & Behavioral Foundations of Health
  • CDE/EMD 508a – Principles of Epidemiology I
  • BIS 505b – Introduction to Statistical Thinking II
  • EPH 515b – Introduction to Research and Professional Ethics Seminar
  • HPM 510a – Introduction to Health Policy and Health Systems
    HPM 560b Health Economics and US Health Policy
  • EHS 510b Contemporary Issues in Environmental Health
    EHS 503a Introduction to Toxicology


  • Bill from Yale:
    • Students receive the bill from Yale around early July.
    • Students must send this bill to Yale-NUS CIPE within 24 hours so that Yale-NUS can make the initial transfer of any Yale-NUS provided aid to the Yale bill.
    • Students then pay the remaining balance of their Yale bill by 1 August.
  • Bill from Yale-NUS:
    • Students receive a bill of zero-balance from Yale-NUS during the Year 4 Semester 1 at Yale for their records.
  • Cost difference:
    • Students should note that the student is responsible for absorbing the surplus difference in cost of attendance at Yale in comparison to that of Yale-NUS during their semester abroad.

3. Internship Requirements Between Year 4 And Year 5 Of Study

  • Internships can be anywhere in the world
  • Must be relevant to public health and be approved by the Office of Public Health Practice
  • Internship must be in the summer between Year 4 and Year 5
  • Must be at least ten weeks of full time work in a public health setting
  • Students must consider and get appropriate work visa requirements for their country of internship before accepting an offer with their internship employer.  Students planning to intern in Singapore who are non-Singaporean citizens should note that their student pass at Yale-NUS end June 30th after their Year 4 of study, so it will not carry over for the duration of the summer.
    • CIPE will liaise with Yale and/or Yale-NUS staff to assist with visa processing, but the decision to award a visa ultimately rests with respective governments.  Students should budget in appropriate time to process these documents as a result and consult with our respective offices early when examining feasibility of the country placement for the internship.

Timelines for Internship Approval

  • April 30: Student work plans are due to the Office of Public Health Practice for review and approval
  • September 15: Student’s Evaluation and Final Report are due
  • September 15: Preceptor Evaluation is due

4. Studying At Yale School of Public Health (Year 5)

  • Year 5 Courses:
    • Housing Information:
      • Students are in full-time residence at the School of Public Health during their fifth year in the program
      • Students may opt to apply to live in graduate housing or may choose to identify their own off-campus housing in New Haven during their fifth year of study.  Yale graduate housing is not guaranteed for students during their fifth year of study.
    • Academic Coursework:
      • During this time they complete their remaining required courses and the master’s thesis
      • Information on each departments degree requirements can be found here.
    • Billing and Payment:
      • Students will pay bills directly to YSPH during their fifth year.
      • Yale-NUS undergraduate financial aid does not carry over to the fifth year of study and will not receive a bill payment from Yale-NUS during their fifth year of the CDP.

5. Graduation Requirements and Timelines

  • The Yale-NUS Bachelor of Arts (Honours) or Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree and the Master of Public Health will be awarded following completion of a minimum of both 135 modular credits (MCs) at Yale-NUS College and 18 course credits at Yale School of Public Health (2 of which may be taken at Yale-NUS College or NUS with approval).  It is expected that students will be able to complete these requirements in five academic years.
  • Students must fully satisfy the concurrent degree requirements before they are simultaneously conferred both degrees.
  • Students in concurrent degree programmes leading to a Masters degree awarded by Yale University or the National University of Singapore will be invited to participate in the ceremony after Year 4 as graduating students to represent the culmination of the Yale-NUS aspect of the concurrent degree programme. Degrees will still only be conferred after successful completion of both programmes (after the fifth year).
  • CDP MPH students will also be invited to attend the YSPH graduation ceremony.

6. Withdrawal from the CDP During Year 5 Study

If the student is unable to complete the full fifth year of study for the CDP and formally withdraws from the program, they are permitted to work toward the Yale-NUS BA Hons or BSc Hons, while adhering to the prevailing regulations. Modular credits completed in the CDP will be counted towards the fulfilment of the undergraduate degree requirements.

7. Tuition Grant Scheme (TGS) Obligations

  • CDP students will receive both degrees (BA/BS and graduate degree) at the end of Year 5.
  • For students on the Tuition Grant Scheme (TGS), their TGS obligations will not commence till they have completed all their requirements for both degrees (at the end of Year 5).

8. Yale-NUS Student Status During Year 5

  • Students will have access to Yale-NUS sports facilities and resources during Year 5, if they wish to return to campus during academic breaks.
  • Students shall continue to have access to CIPE resources, opportunities, and advising during Year 5.
  • While undergraduate aid does carry over for the first four years of study (including Year 4 Semester 1 at Yale), undergraduate financial aid does not carry over to the fifth year of study.  Students will pay their final year of tuition directly to Yale School of Public Health.

Presentation from September 2020 Information Session

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