Five Year Programme with Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy

This Concurrent Degree Programme aims to develop versatile graduates able to tackle big public policy issues in a complex global context. Yale-NUS College’s multidisciplinary intellectual commitment, coupled with its emphasis on leadership, community service, international and professional experiences will be interwoven with Master of Public Policy’s interdisciplinary curriculum that integrates analytical depth and theoretical sophistication with practical skills of problem solving, negotiation, teamwork, leadership, and learning in diverse environments, thereby ensuring graduates will become the next generation of effective policy leaders.

The following information provides guidance from the type of courses you must take in order to be considered for this programme, to advice on topics such as what to do during your summers to be a competitive candidate.

Timelines to Consider

Year 3, Semester 1– Applications deadline December 31, 2019 SGT – must submit completed forms and reference letter forms via email to LKYSPP. Pass final interview prior to MPP enrolment (optional). Application status known by March/April 2020.
Year 3, Semester 2– Complete most major modules by Year 3, Semester 2
Year 4– Take 6 courses at LKYSSP; 2 major courses at Yale-NUS and complete capstone
Year 5 – Complete remaining modules at LKYSPP (8 of 14 modules)


Admissions to the Concurrent degree programme is highly selective, and will be decided solely by the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy. MPP students are selected not only on the basis of academic and professional accomplishments, but also on their demonstrated commitment to the public interest. CDP applicants should also be able to show evidence of their leadership, teamwork skills, and public-spirited initiative.

Yale-NUS faculty will provide advising on course selection and academic mapping. CIPE will provide support and advising on the application materials and statements.

The application form will be available on this CIPE webpage typically by August each year.

Students who eventually receive and accept an offer are to inform Yale-NUS Registry, in addition to the LKYSPP Admissions Team, so that necessary processes (around module registration, student status etc.) can be undertaken at Yale-NUS.

Application Process

Shortlisted high-calibre candidates must undergo an admissions selection process, which includes the following requirements:

  • Outstanding academic results with evidence of public interest either through internship or student projects
  • An optional interview session conducted with the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy admissions team – interviews will be conducted either over the phone or in person, dependent on where the student is based at the time of the interview
  • Comprehensive application essays that identify students’ interest in public policy, their intention behind applying for a Master’s in Public Policy, and why they are a fit for the accelerated nature of the program

Details of the Degree Awarding Process

Modular Credits at Yale-NUS and NUS

Students will offer a minimum of 196 modular credits (MC) over five years. The MC system will be used for both Yale-NUS College and LKYSPP modules. Yale-NUS College modules are designed as 5 MC while LKYSPP’s are 4 MC in accordance with prevailing practice.

Yale-NUS College – 140 MCs

  • 50 MC’s will be devoted to the Liberal Arts Common Curriculum,
  • 54 MC’s to the Major (including a 10 MC Capstone project) and,
  • 36 MC’s to Liberal Arts Electives;


  • 32 MCs of common curriculum,
  • 20 MCs to modules in a specialisation (if preferred) and
  • 4 MCs to electives (with a specialisation), or 24 MC to electives (without a specialisation)

No MPP credits from the LKYSPP are allowed for “double counting” towards the undergraduate degree at Yale-NUS College and visa versa.

Students are responsible for obtaining the most up-to-date information regarding requirements for their major from their respective faculty/departments.

Students will receive two separate transcripts reflecting their undergraduate and graduate work.

Semester Study Abroad

A variant of the CDP is available to students who wish to pursue one semester abroad in Year Three in any of Yale-NUS College’s study abroad partners (more info here) partners. This would occur anytime during Year 2, Semester 2 to Year 3, Semester 2.
A typical Semester Abroad student will have to continue to take a full load of courses at the overseas institution that will be recognised as contributing to his/her Major or elective requirements at Yale-NUS College. The two Common Curriculum courses (Historical Immersion and Current Issues) will then be taken in Semester 1 of Year 3 or 4.

Degree Completion Timelines

  • The course will take five (5) years to complete. Students will spend the first three academic years primarily at Yale-NUS College pursuing the Liberal Arts Curriculum.
  • Year Four will be spent mainly pursuing MPP modules and the Capstone project.
  • They will then spend Year Five at LKYSPP, pursuing mainly the LKYSPP modules typically taken by regular MPP students.
  • The maximum period of candidature will be six (6) years, excluding approved leave of absence. A student may be granted official leave of absence pursuant to prevailing rules and guidelines. Official leave of absence, for personal or academic reasons, should not be more than two semesters in total.
  • Students may leave the Concurrent degree programme or be required to leave the programme if they fail to meet LKYSPP’s requirements. Such students will revert to becoming a non-CDP Yale-NUS College B.A./BSc (Honours) student, subject to Yale-NUS College’s rules and requirements.

Graduation Requirements and Timelines

  • The Yale-NUS Bachelor of Arts (Honours) or Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree and the Lee Kuan Yew School Master in Public Policy will be awarded following completion of both a minimum of 140 modular credits (MCs) at Yale-NUS College and 56 MCs at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy.  It is expected that students will be able to complete these requirements in five academic years.
  • Students must fully satisfy the concurrent degree requirements before they are simultaneously conferred both degrees.
  • To graduate with the MPP, students must obtain a CAP of at least 3.00 for all MPP MCs. The following students shall be removed from the Concurrent degree programme, even if all other requirements are met:
    • CAP falls below 3.00 for completed MPP modules for 2 consecutive semesters; or
    • CAP falls below 3.50 for completed MPP modules for 3 consecutive semesters; or
    • Fail any particular MPP module twice; or
    • Fail 3 or more MPP modules
  • CDP students are invited to participate in the procession with their entering cohort during the Yale-NUS graduation ceremony, though they will not cross the stage to receive a BA or BSc.  Students who complete the CDP successfully will be invited to attend the Yale-NUS Graduation Ceremony and NUS Commencement Ceremony at the end of their fifth year.

Withdrawal from the CDP during Year 5 Study

If the student is unable to complete the full fifth year of study for the CDP and formally withdraws from the program, they are permitted to work toward the Yale-NUS BA Hons or BSc Hons, while adhering to the prevailing regulations. Modular credits completed in the CDP will be counted towards the fulfilment of the undergraduate degree requirements. For more information on the CDPs, please refer to the Curriculum section of the Yale-NUS website.

Tuition Grant Scheme (TGS) Obligations

  • CDP students will receive both degrees (BA/BS and graduate degree) at the end of Year 5.
  • For students on the Tuition Grant Scheme (TGS), their TGS obligations will not commence till they have completed all their requirements for both degrees (at the end of Year 5).

Yale-NUS Student Status During Year 5

  • Undergraduate financial aid does not carry over to the fifth year of study. Students pay any MPP administrative fees and their final year of tuition directly to LKYSPP.
  • Students will continue to have access to CIPE advising during Year 5.
  • Students will have access to Yale-NUS sports facilities and resources during Year 5.
  • Students are able to apply for Yale-NUS Housing during Year 5 but should note they will be required to pay the current rate of housing costs rather than the initial cost they had during their freshman year. Housing is not guaranteed for Yale-NUS LKYSPP CDP students at Yale-NUS.  Students must follow Residential Life stated timelines.
    • Students are also eligible to apply for NUS UTown and College Green housing.  Please consult the individual College timelines for steps and procedures.

Information from LKYSPP regarding their joint degrees, including the Yale-NUS CDP, can be found here.



Presentation slides from September 2018 session


APPLY BY 31 DECEMBER 2019 SGT.  Please complete this form, and submit via email ( before the stated deadline. You are also required to have two references complete and submit this form here directly via email to by the 31 December 2019 SGT deadline.

Late applications will not be accepted. Please ensure that both application and references have been submitted by the deadline.

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Faculty Advisor

Risa J Toha
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