Silver Scholars Programme with Yale School of Management

The Yale School of Management (SOM) admits a small number of final year undergraduates to a highly selective three-year MBA programme called the Silver Scholars Program, which provides students with the unique opportunity to enter the Yale MBA programme immediately after undergraduate study and move more quickly toward their career goals.

This programme accepts applications from students during the first semester of their fourth (final) undergraduate year. Yale SOM offers special consideration to Yale-NUS students in light of the distinctiveness of the Yale-NUS education, the talent of the students who enrol at the College, and the strong preparation provided by an integrated liberal arts programme. Silver Scholars are chosen for their combination of intellect, passion, and demonstrated potential to be future leaders in business, government, entrepreneurial, and non-profit endeavours.

In the first year of the programme, Silver Scholars complete the innovative Yale SOM integrated core curriculum, which is designed to build a broad understanding of economies, markets, and organisations for an increasingly complex global marketplace. Core curriculum courses integrate disciplines like finance, operations, psychology, and organisational behaviour to help students understand global challenges. After the first year of study, Silver Scholars will apply their skills through full-time work experience. Students will work with the Yale SOM Career Development Office in exploring potential career options, and refining interview and networking skills.

Typically after one or two years of work experience, Silver Scholars return to Yale SOM for a second year of studies to complete their MBA. Students take electives which are either discipline-based or integrative in nature. These build naturally on their Yale-NUS academic experience and Yale SOM core curriculum courses. This year allows for specialisation in an area of study either at Yale SOM or throughout the University at the graduate level.

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