Student-led Social Initiative


Categories: Youth, Education

Group leader: Joshua Tay (Yale-NUS)

Team members: Stefan Liew (Head Ops), Yejin Park (Head Business Development), Marissa Lee (Head Comms), Joel Yew (VP Finance), Jay Ong (Head Volunteer Management), Keith Yap (Head Strategic Development), Benjamin Goh (Head Curriculum Development), Frances Pek (Volunteer Engagement Manager), Ethel Lim (Design), Emma Lee (Publicity).

I’mpart is a non-profit organisation that organises, innovates, and integrates volunteer efforts to make effective and relationship-driven change with underserved youths.

About the project

I’mpart was officially launched in 2018, and manages the training and strategic deployment of volunteers while developing its own integrative academic and sports programs. I’mpart partners some of the most forward-thinking organisations and start-ups to develop efficacious models for volunteerism, and is dedicated to working with and within communities to generate sustainable change.

Intention and impact

I’mpart envisions a Singapore with robust, accessible, and integrated systems of social mobility for underserved communities. In working towards this vision, we focus on building models of effective and sustainable change for underserved youths aged 15 to 19 years. We depart from the traditional volunteerism model of uncoordinated or piecemeal specialisation by intentionally partnering with caseworkers, social workers, and other community stakeholders to develop healthier ecosystems for underserved youths to thrive in. Over the past two years, I’mpart has helped to connect 40 underserved youths to 80 volunteers by working closely with caseworkers and stakeholders from organisations like Trybe, The Last Resort, and Hatch. In 2019, we piloted a sports outreach programme that will be further developed with support from SportsSG. Looking ahead to 2020, we will also be piloting a collaborative academic support and career development programme in partnership with The Apprenticeship Collective.

How the Service in the City (SiTC) has supported this initiative

SitC rendered very practical assistance through grant funding that gave us the requisite material base to launch our project. This assistance also went beyond material capabilities, for it gave us an additional spurt of confidence and assurance that we were working in the right direction. Most importantly, our CIPE SitC coordinator, Yock Theng, was patient, nurturing, and helpful in guiding us through the process of organisational development. Where our team from I’mpart brought passion and innovation, Yock Theng matched our passion with wisdom and insight. By asking incisive questions at opportune moments, she stimulated meaningful discussions about programme strategies and organisational development, and managed to maintain a cheery optimism even when our youthful inexperience showed.

Advice for potential Service in the City applicants

Dive in and don’t look back! It’s very easy to doubt yourself in the midst of the independence and uncertainty that comes with creating a social impact programme absolutely from scratch. Believe wholeheartedly in your cause, don’t be afraid to seek all the advice and support you need, and give it all you’ve got. Despite the obstacles, you really do have the capacity to make an impact (no matter the scale) on others and on the world.

How the community can support

I’mpart is always on the lookout for volunteers who see the value in bettering lives and building communities. We warmly welcome all who would like to join or speak with us about building better ecosystems and sustainable programmes that promise efficacious output.

Specifically, we have a need for volunteer tutors who are willing to function in different communities and volunteers for our sports outreach programmes. We are also looking for partners who are keen on curriculum development, sports programme development, and volunteer engagement.



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