NGO Bootcamp

Interested in a summer experience that will foster knowledge, skills, humility, courage, and leadership while helping to make a change in this world?

Apply for NGO Bootcamp, a training programme focused on exposing you to all there is to know about social impact work! Facilitated by corporate and non-profit experts, NGO Bootcamp is a multi-module sequence that aims to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to make a difference in Singapore and the world


Applications closed 1st February 2017 and will open early 2018.


Have Questions?
Tan Yock Theng
Programme Manager, Leadership & Global Citizenship

Contact with questions about leadership development, civic engagement, NGO Bootcamp and social emotional learning.

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The modules offered through NGO Bootcamp are aligned with the following learning objectives. Students will:

  1. Be able to recognize and analyse contemporary social realities, including the relative privilege or marginalisation of their own and other groups (Social Justice);
  2. Learn to interact appropriately, sensitively and self-critically with the communities for whom they work, and appreciate the knowledge, wisdom, skills and diversity that they possess (Perspective);
  3. Increase their capacity to work constructively across organizations, communities and sectors to tackle problems and promote the public good (Capacity);
  4. Be motivated to align their personal, academic, and professional choices with their greatest gifts and society’s greatest needs (Civic Engagement).

Curriculum Topics

  1. Self and Service
  2. Sensing and Innovating
  3. Fostering Partnerships
  4. Advocating for Social Impact and Change
  5. Resourcing Social Impact and Change
  6. Doing Good Well
  7. Human-Centred Design
  8. Financial Management and Reporting
  9. Communicating for Social Impact and Change
  10. Pathways to Social Impact and Change

More details on this year’s curriculum can be viewed here.