Social Emotional Learning

This course, taught by a leadership coach during the semester, will explore leadership with a focus on growth and identity. Students will reflect on and practice the following:

  • Acquire knowledge and skills to deepen awareness and better manage emotions
  • Challenge beliefs, and supporting self and others throughout process

Please note that the completion of this course is required in order to be awarded the Leadership Certificate. It is recommended that you take this course only after completing Leadership Fundamentals.

This course is limited to 25 participants, and priority will be given to students enrolled in the Leadership Certificate.

Please submit your application and intent by Sunday, August 27 11:59 pm to be considered for participation.

The course objectives are:

  1. Developing one’s socio-emotional intelligence through strengthening social skills, empathy, motivation, self-awareness and self-regulation.
  2. Developing congruence with one’s values through deep learning of self

The course is designed so students can practice the 5 different components of emotional intelligence, as well as identify recurring behaviours, beliefs and challenge the status quo. Reflection and action are an integral part of the process.

Course outline, dates and times

The course will run on 9 (6PM to 9PM), 10 (9AM to 9PM) and 11 September(9AM to 9PM) at Classroom 16.

Please submit your application here by 27 August 2017.  You will be notified by 30 August 2017 regarding your participation.

Please contact if you have any questions.

About the Instructors:

TO be confirmed.


  1. Who is eligible? All students are welcome to apply, but students enrolled in the Leadership Certificate will be given priority. Students are recommended to take this course in their freshman or sophomore year.
  1. Are there any costs associated? This programme is free to Yale-NUS students
  1. Will this programme occur again in the future? As a requirement of the Leadership Certificate award, this course will be offered once a year.
  1. How does the selection process work? We are looking for a commitment to growth rather than any prior leadership experience. Space is limited to 25 students to encourage a safe and intimate space for reflection and discussion.
  2. What happens if a candidate decides to drop out/can’t make one or more of the sessions? As with all other programs at CIPE, students are expected to attend all sessions associated. While we understand emergencies come up, participation in future CIPE programs are determined by the level of responsibility exercised by individual students.
  3. Does signing up for this programme impact students’ applications to other CIPE programs (e.g. LABs, summer opportunities)? Each CIPE opportunity is merit-based with its own selection process, but participation and fully completing Fundamentals would likely give students skills to put forward stronger applications to other CIPE programs.
Have Questions?
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Programme Manager, Leadership & Global Citizenship

Contact with questions about leadership development, civic engagement, social impact bootcamp and social emotional learning.