Frequenly Asked Questions about the Leadership Certificate programme.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What does the Leadership Certificate offer? Through the Leadership Certificate sequence, students can expect to:
    • Gain clarity over personal values and purpose
    • Acquire experience to drive effective collaboration and service
    • Develop skills and expertise to translate personal values into impact, with and for the broader community
  2. How do I enrol in the Leadership Certificate? Students interested in pursuing the Leadership Certificate should enrol here to indicate interest in the Certificate. Once
    enrolled, they will receive updates on opportunities related to the Certificate sequence.
  3. Is the Leadership Certificate competitive? The Leadership Certificate is open to all students interested in learning about leadership. So as long as you satisfactorily complete all necessary components before your graduation date, you qualify to receive a Certificate.
  4. Do I have to complete the sequence in a particular order? Yes, there is a recommended sequence to undertaking Leadership Certificate components. Generally, participants should complete compulsory courses as early as possible, and will wrap up the sequence with the Leadership Symposium.
  5. Will the Leadership Certificate appear on my transcript? At present, the Leadership Certificate will not appear on your transcript. Nonetheless, you can include the Certificate on your resume and CIPE can provide an endorsement/reference if needed.
  6. Are Leadership classes (such as Fundamentals, Ethics, Inside Out/Level Up) for credit? At the moment, all Leadership Certificate components are not credit-bearing.
  7. How often will Leadership Fundamentals, Leadership Ethics and Inside Out be offered? These courses will be scheduled such that each course will be available once every academic year. Course offerings will be distributed across both semesters.
  8. How is the Leadership Certificate different than the Intercultural Peer Advisor Programme? The Leadership Certificate has a broader focus than the Intercultural Peer Advisor Programme. In addition to intercultural diversity and cross-cultural competencies, the leadership certificate will also encompass engagement with social justice, social innovation among others. It will also involve and impact the broader community, beyond Yale-NUS.
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