Fellowships are an opportunity to develop and serve as a leader in an academic and/or professional field.

“Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.”

Are you ready to take on the responsibility of your own pursuit of knowledge, truth, and adventure? Do you have ideas on how to use the wisdom and skills you have acquired through your time at Yale-NUS to change the world around you? If so, there are resources you can tap into!

At this point in your undergraduate career, you are encouraged to take advantage of the academic opportunities around you – take courses that challenge you, talk to your professors and CIPE advisers, and look for ways you can make a difference on campus. Throughout the first couple of years here at Yale-NUS, look for opportunities to do something you find interesting over the summers, enter competitions and apply for awards that showcase your strengths, all while taking initiative to make positive differences on campus or in the community which will make you a competitive candidate for the opportunities you will apply for in your junior and senior year.

Fellowships are an opportunity to develop and serve as a leader in an academic and/or professional field. Competitive fellowships, scholarships, and grants will enrich your education and give you an opportunity to push your intellectual limits while allowing you to delve deeper into your passions through research and/or travel. These are merit-based grants or financial support awarded to students for a specific and special experience, funding undergraduate and graduate education, travel, and/or independent research.

Fellowships inspire and allow students to pursue valuable research and academic experiences at Yale-NUS and across the globe. Additionally, the application process for fellowships is possibly the most rewarding aspect as it will allow you to clarify your thinking, learn to write a strong proposal, answer challenging questions, and ethically engage in the world and in critical reflection.

Sounds like something you are interested in? The pages on this website will describe fellowships to consider, the application process, and provide advice for applicants. CIPE is available to help find the right fellowships, provide feedback on proposals and personal statements, along with helping students prepare for interviews and making sure that students navigate the application process smoothly.

Setting Up an Appointment

Would you like to explore your options further?  CIPE is here to help.

Please write to paul.wilt@yale-nus.edu.sg to set up an advising session.  In order to make an appointment with Paul, please send the following via email:

  1. Fellowships Pre-Advising Questionnaire (Still in the early stages of thinking about fellowships?  Simply fill out this form to the best of your ability.  It will be a great starting point for our conversation.)
  2. Your most up-to-date resume
  3. Three meeting times that work with your schedule (Mon-Fri 9am-6pm).  Sessions can be conducted in the CIPE office or on Skype for students who are abroad.

Timelines to follow if applying

Are you planning to apply for a fellowship that will commence in the following academic year?  We encourage you to consider these timelines here to give time to develop your goals fully while applying.  Students planning to apply for Knight-Hennessy Scholars or the US/Canada Rhodes must submit their application via the specific postings in Symplicity by August 7 @ 12pm SGT.

CIPE Handouts to guide you through the process:

Odyssey Solo – February assignment prompt (clarifying your professional and academic pathway)

Fellowships Summer Checklist – March assignment prompt (mapping out the next steps)

Fellowships Declaration of Intent Form – to be submitted by May 15 (to notify us of your formal intent to apply for institutional endorsement and other fellowships awards that require CIPE advising)

Self-Editing Techniques Writing Handout – for the June draft (use this checklist as you make your first round of edits)

Personal Statement Revisions Writing Handout – for the July draft (use this handout to probe further into your editing process)

Writing a Programme Proposal Writing Handout – for any fellowships application that requires an academic proposal

Other resources as you consider Fellowships

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