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Global scholarship programmes vary by area of study, purpose, length, mission, and the amount of funding winners receive. These scholarships cover a diverse area of interests, which means it is important for you to focus your efforts on the opportunities that make the most sense for you.

Below are links to lists of competitive scholarship and fellowship opportunities categorised by postgraduate and undergraduate awards. Be sure to research the eligibility and individual deadlines for each of these awards, as they vary widely.

Please note that some scholarships require an institutional endorsement from Yale-NUS, meaning that students will have to submit an internal application through Symplicity well in advance of the external deadline. These awards include the US, Canada and Global Rhodes Scholarships and the Yenching Scholars programme.

A star(*) denotes that a Yale-NUS student or alumna/us has applied for and/or received an award.

Postgraduate Fellowships

Undergraduate Awards

  • External Experiential Awards
    • Funding towards cross-cultural exchange, leadership development and teaching placements at the undergraduate level during the summer and academic years.
  • External Summer Research Awards
    • Funded programmes for undergraduate-level summer research placements external to Yale-NUS College.