Getting Started

A fellowship is a merit-based type of grant or financial support awarded to an individual for some specific experience, usually in a competitive context. Other terms such as award or scholarship are also used to describe funding awarded for a special opportunity. Below are the recommended steps to take as you start to think about fellowships and projects:

Define Your Goals

The first step of the process is self-assessment. Consider the type of experience you want to have. Do you want to conduct research? Attend graduate school? Pursue a project of great personal interest? Serve a community in need? Immerse yourself in a foreign culture? Many awards ask students to think about the kind of impact they hope to have in the world. Being able to project beyond the timeline of the award and identify your longer-term goals is important. Whether or not you win a fellowship, the application process will have many benefits. From beginning to end, it asks you to think about goals and why achieving them would be fulfilling. It helps you clarify your thoughts and gain experience expressing them while building confidence in your abilities.

Research Suitable Opportunities

Identify fellowships that best serve your unique interests and will be strong fits. As you explore many fellowships, pay careful attention to the purpose of each award and consider how it aligns with your goals. Pay attention to the eligibility criteria and application procedures as you compile a list of suitable opportunities. Do you need to be a citizen of a specific country? Is there a GPA requirement? Do post-graduate awards have certain work pre-requisites for eligibility?  Some of these restrictions may narrow your list.

Consult Knowledgeable Resources on Campus

Contact your CIPE Adviser! Reach out to Charlotte Evans (charlotte.evans@yale-nus.edu.sg) at CIPE to ask further questions about the support services provided by CIPE for students applying to fellowships. Check faculty bios to see if they participated in a fellowship you are interesting in pursuing. Reach out and set up time to meet with them to learn about their experience during the fellowship and any advice they might have for someone starting this process.

Next Step: Application Advice

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