Scholarships & Fellowships

Applying for Global Scholarships

Putting together a compelling application is as much about the journey as the outcome.  Expect to dig deep, dream big, and stretch your comfort zone in meaningful ways.  

The following questions are important guides as you consider applying, and throughout your application process:   

  • REFLECT: How do you want to make a difference in the world? 

A key ingredient of any competitive scholarship application is a convincing argument about how you are and will be a leader for social impact.  Scholarship programmes seek compassionate and creative problem solvers with a vision for positive change.   

    • Get started: Reach out to the CIPE Global Scholarships advisor for directed reflection activities to help develop and shape your ideas. 
  • EXPLORE: Which programmes fit your goals? 

Global scholarship opportunities range across disciplines and locations, with varied missions and eligibility requirements. By choosing opportunities that fit with your short- and long-term plans, you create a stronger application that shares your story in an authentic voice.   

    • Get started: Browse available opportunities and track which scholarships are a good fit for you in terms of purpose, eligibility, and deadlines. 
  • COLLABORATE: Who is on your team? 

While you are ultimately responsible for your application, there is plenty of support to find along the way. Faculty members can provide guidance about graduate school and write recommendation letters that complement your narrative. Writers’ Centre tutors can give feedback on your written work and assist with essay ideation. Staff members can help you to reflect upon your campus engagement and leadership activities. Alumni can share their experiences from previous application cycles. Friends and family can provide moral support and jog memories about past experiencesCIPE advisors support you as navigate the challenges and rewards of the application process from start to finish.   

    • Get started: Make an exhaustive list of mentors, advisors and peers that you could ask for support during this process.   

Sounds intriguing?  Get started!  Contact CIPE advisor Jenika Kaul ( to set up an advising session.