Leadership Certificate

Grounded in the Social Change Model of Leadership, the leadership certificate is an intentional and experiential multi-year sequence available to every student to learn and apply leadership skills.

The certificate aims to support student leaders to drive social change in their respective communities by developing self-awareness, engendering collaboration and committing to a common purpose.

Participants will clarify personal values, translate values into action, and generate impact through coursework, student-driven projects, public interest and community service programmes during their time at Yale-NUS.

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Leadership at Yale-NUS

At Yale-NUS, leadership is seen as:

  • inclusive and accessible to everyone
  • values-based
  • collaborative
  • a process, not a position
  • encompassing community involvement/service
  • socially responsible, and impacts change on behalf of others

Anchored in the College Mission, the Leadership Certificate will equip students with skills to work collaboratively and enable social change. As students advance in the certificate, they will deepen self-awareness, work collaboratively with others, and commit to a common purpose with their community.

The certificate ultimately aims to nurtures a self-transformed mind (Kegan and Lahey, 2009; more details here).


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Tan Yock Theng
Programme Manager, Leadership & Global Citizenship

Contact with questions about leadership development, civic engagement and social impact bootcamp.