Social Impact Fellowship

Social Impact Fellowship 2016 – Another City

Team Members:

  • Mariel Chee – Yale-NUS College, Class of 2017
  • Jezamine Chua – Singapore University of Design & Technology, Class of 2017
  • Nicole Ng – Cambridge University, Class of 2017

About the project:

Another City is an education initiative that aims to nurture empathy, compassion, and self-reflexivity in children through an arts & design thinking curriculum investigating real-world issues. In 2016, we invited students from CHIJ Kellock Convent (Primary) on a 4-day journey to understand urban poverty in Singapore, to design solutions for the community through an empathy-driven process, and to create their own visions of a future Singapore.

Our team believes in empowering children to shape their own learning through experience and play, to develop sensitivity and ownership to the local environment, and to be critical and creative dreamers of a shared tomorrow.

More info at:

Advice from the team:

“Devote time to distilling the essence and value of your project. What is it trying to accomplish? For whom? What exactly is the social impact, how do you define it, and why does it make a difference? My group spent months refining our proposal drafts until we were able to articulate clearly our project’s purpose and its intended outcomes. During that process, we had to consider what ‘success’ might look like, how to evaluate impact (which needn’t be measured in purely quantitatively terms), and sustainability i.e. how to ensure continued impact beyond the duration of the fellowship. I’d imagine that a funder would be more inclined to prioritize a project that demonstrates foresightedness over a one hit wonder.

On a more practical note, do also consider recce-ing the landscape first so you know you’re not duplicating the efforts of others. Get in touch with people on the ground who have a similar mission as you to see what you can learn from them. The Social Impact Fellowship is a fantastic opportunity to explore collaborations with other individuals or organizations that are already getting their hands dirty doing work you may be passionate about!”

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