Social Impact Fellowship

Social Impact Fellowship 2017 – TeensCode Jamaica

Team members:

  • Alexia Davidson – Yale-NUS College, Class of 2019
  • Risa Shindo – Yale-NUS College, Class of 2019
  • Haoran Chen – Yale-NUS College, Class of 2020
  • Cao Jinglu – Yale-NUS College, Class of 2019

About the project:

In Jamaica, most students do not have the chance to enter the field of technology despite its increasing importance in the modern world. The few initiatives that try to open the field to students are located in the capital and target students of higher socio-economic classes or do not teach students the skills they need to enter the tech industry. TeensCode is a 4-week summer program which aims to not only teach students to develop applications in the programming language Python, but also the necessary skills to market the products they have created. Students learn to think in the logical manner necessary to be involved in STEM.

Advice from the team:

“As a resident of the area in which the project was conducted, it was easier for me to understand the socio-economic contexts of my students. However, it is always important that you try to understand the perspective of those you are trying to help and avoid patronizing behaviour as this goes against the mission of this fellowship.

If you are conducting the fellowship in a foreign country, make sure you understand the situation on the ground and don’t rely on your prior experiences in your own country.

Another suggestion is to create a comprehensive plan and timeline long before the program takes place so that you will have time to acquire all the resources necessary. Sometimes acquiring certain resources will be delayed beyond your control. Finally, make sure your plan is flexible because something WILL go wrong no matter how foolproof your plan is!”

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