Ahmed Fedi Lassoued

Hi! My name is Fedi (if you can’t spell it, it’s like Freddy without the R). I lived almost all my life on the Tunisian coast. My academic interests include languages and sciences, but I am all about math. I spend my free time with music and dance.

Before coming to Yale-NUS, I searched lots of programs and scholarships to travel around and explore. After work and with some luck, I got to spend an exchange year in the US, visit CERN, learn about the ICC in Poland… Those experiences opened my eyes to the possibilities outside of one’s comfort zone and how important it is to do hands-on on work and be in the field.

I think being in Yale-NUS is the right step in my path thanks to CIPE and the access to opportunity it provides. As a CIPE SAC member, I hope to share and open up such opportunities for students to pursue what is relevant to them and challenges them to expand their expertise.

CIPE Student Advisory Committee