Amrita Dhillon

Hey! I’m Amrita, born and bred in Singapore. While I’ve lived in Singapore most of my life, I have always enjoyed travelling. I took my first plane ride without my parents when I was 9, for a school trip to Adelaide, Australia. I cracked my brain for weeks over the essay I had to submit in order to go on this trip, and got my entire family involved. Eventually after a few months, I got called out of class and was informed that I was the youngest student accepted to go on this trip and I was ecstatic! I remember living in a little house in Adelaide, visiting spooky bat caves at night, lying by the river eating Fish and Chips, and seeing my very first kangaroo up close (like REALLY close, it was quite terrifying). This singular trip taught me so much about myself and the expansiveness of the world, and it spurred my thirst for travel.

Ever since then, I’ve never stopped, whether it was visiting other parts of Australia, travelling within Asia, and most recently taking a trip to UK and Europe with some friends. I strongly believe that travel can be transformational to every individual, in expanding our perspective of the world, and in helping us shape our own identity. Through working with CIPE, I hope to play a part in bringing these opportunities to every student so that they can make the most out of their time in Yale-NUS.

CIPE Student Advisory Committee