Jacob Jarabejo

Hello! I am Jacob Jarabejo from Singapore. I have spent most of my life in Singapore, and it was only in my first year of High School when I had my first airplane ride. My love for overseas travel has been growing ever since! After completing my military service, I decided to go on an adventure. A few of the things I did was to be certified as an Open Water Diver, Skydived and volunteered on a farm in Southwestern Australia.

I am a firm believer of overseas experiential learning as it provides a platform for one to surpass their potential as the various experiences and lessons offered are limitless. Therefore, I believe that everyone should have a chance at overseas experiential learning. This was one of the main reasons that spurred me to join the CIPE SAC, and I am confident that my time in this team would greatly complement my education in Yale-NUS!

CIPE Student Advisory Committee