Madison Lommen

Hello! I’m Madi, hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota.  I caught the travel bug as a freshman in high school after a unique volunteer stint in Thailand. I’ve since set out to explore the difference between tourist and traveler, discovering earth’s treasures and lifelong friends to share them with along the way. There have been fried scorpions on sticks. Campfires on volcanoes. Dancing until the sunrise. And there is so much to come–not the least of which will be adventures at Yale-NUS and a new chapter in Singapore.

The people I’ve met across the world have profoundly shaped my personal journey. These friendships, however, wouldn’t have been possible without the scholarships and grants that allowed me to travel. I’d wish the same good fortune for any. As a member of CIPE SAC, I hope to help classmates look past barriers, financial or otherwise, but instead pursue what could feel impossible and work with CIPE to make it possible. After all, there is a whole world waiting!

CIPE Student Advisory Committee