Nayoung Won

Programme Manager, Career Services

Born in Korea, raised in New Jersey, and having spent eight years in Michigan, I am a bicultural Korean-American who considers all three of those places as home. When I first arrived at the University of Michigan as a college freshman, my life narrowly revolved around excelling in academics, lining up a well-respected job post-graduation, and making some friends along the way. Through various extra-curricular and summer experiences, I was surprised to find college to be a place where I could not only engage intellectually, professionally, and socially–but also as a place where I could discover my passions, purpose, and so much more.

Upon graduating with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, I worked full-time at Deloitte LLP as a Marketing Specialist but spent most of my free time with college students through a faith-based organisation in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I left Deloitte four years later to pursue a Master’s in Higher Education Administration at the University of Pennsylvania, where I had the opportunity to advise undergraduate students at the Wharton School as a Graduate Assistant. As one devoted to helping individuals discover their passions and purpose, I am excited to join the CIPE team as a Programme Manager in Career Services.

Contact with questions about internships, career services workshops and corporate partner outreach.