Nilanjana Pal

Director, CIPE

I’ve called Singapore home for the last four years and am thrilled to join the CIPE team. My family is from Kolkata in India, but I grew up in the Caribbean and Oman. I’m a firm believer in a liberal arts education. My four years at Smith College were transformative and converted me to a lifelong advocate for women’s education. Upon graduating, I joined a research and consulting firm in Washington D.C. My childhood experiences living in developing countries had made me deeply interested in why these nations struggle to deliver basic services to their citizens, and how these smaller states negotiate with more powerful (and wealthier) countries. I saw a different side of this puzzle when I lived and worked in Washington D.C. for four years. This led me to pursue a graduate degree in International Relations. Since then, I’ve worked on projects advising private and public sector organisations in the Middle East, India and Singapore. Joining CIPE represents a break from the traditional consulting career path for me. With our diverse interests and skills, I am convinced that all of us will have multiple careers in a single lifetime. I look forward to helping Yale-NUS students explore their many interests and career options!

Contact with questions about graduate school in medicine.