Norvin Ng

Director, Career Services

I am a born and bred Singaporean and thankful to be one. When I first found out I was admitted to NUS in the early 1990’s, PPE (Political Science, Philosophy and Economics) was the easy choice for a pragmatic Singaporean like myself. I ended up with double majors in Philosophy and Economics via a Bachelor of Arts with Merit in 1994.

Not knowing what I wanted to do, I started as a hotel management trainee, went into head-hunting (recruitment), talent management (HR) and a stint working with experienced students in an MBA programme.  As an introvert, I had for many years wondered how I ended up with mostly front-line roles, including becoming a military officer in my National Service years.  This is where I am grateful to have picked up tools relating to self-awareness and personal development.  Knowing my strengths, weaknesses, and interests was key in helping me know what I would love to do. Borrowing Microsoft’s working motto, work is something you do and not somewhere you go.  Enjoying what we do ensures our best performance. In my role at Yale-NUS, I hope to share my experiences, help the students get to know themselves better and to establish their interests and career beacons that will guide them throughout their personal and professional lives.

Contact with questions about internships, programme development and employer outreach