Teo Shien-Min

Programme Manager, Career Services

Having lived in Malaysia, Singapore, and the United States, I am inevitably the product of various education systems and countries. Realising this privilege during my college years, I gradually grew more curious about how people in different cities live. With that, I switched undergraduate majors from Economics to Sociology. Then came another switch from Social Work to Urban Planning for my master’s when I decided it was only right that I invested my time in understanding the nitty gritty of planning cities for people.

All to say, I have slowly come to understand that majors don’t necessarily have to map out an individual’s long-term life trajectory. Instead, they have gone far and beyond by shaping my values, hobbies, thought processes, humour, beliefs etc. During my time at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, I had the opportunity to work closely with college students through a faith-based organisation. This opportunity remains pivotal to me to this day, as it has developed this passion in me to be available and willing in encouraging the next generation to dream bigger. I am excited to join CIPE as a Programme Manager in Career Services, continuing the call to build impactful relationships with college students.

Contact with questions about internships, career services talks/events and corporate partner outreach.