Zhana Sandeva

Senior Programme Manager, Leadership & Global Citizenship

As a college freshman in 2007, I arrived at the University of Pennsylvania with a single gigantic suitcase and flaming orange hair. I only had a vague idea of the true importance of this place, where from a budding journalist and experienced choir singer I would turn into an English major, international student mentor and proud member of the Penn World Scholars programme, where I found friends for life and future leaders to emulate. I also had the privilege to spend a year abroad at Oxford University, studying English Literature and Linguistics.

My year abroad also proved to be my academic turning point: it helped me realise that I want to use my education for the tangible benefit of others. In my senior year I took more writing classes, joined the school newspaper and grew more and more interested in education. After graduation, these interests led me to English language test development, academic tutoring, career advising, and academic consulting. I now feel excited and privileged to pursue my dream of working in student affairs, helping students make thoughtful choices for their personal, academic and professional development. A firm believer in learning through practice, I encourage undergraduates to dive hands-on into a variety of areas before they settle on a path that will allow them to continually grow and reinvent themselves as they make a lasting mark in their communities.

Contact with questions about applying to graduate school, summer research, writing fellowship and the student associate programme.