Semester Study Abroad

Whether studying the Cold War in Berlin, debating Korean politics in Seoul, or delving into astrophysics in New Haven, semester study abroad programmes offer the time and rigour needed for deep learning – including language training, intercultural competency, and personal growth.

Slides from the information session for AY 2019-20 Semester 1 Study Abroad held on Tuesday, 22 January 2019 are available here.

The application process, type of opportunities open for application, and relevant contacts are outlined as follows, and in the Semester Study Abroad FAQs. For other important information, please click on the links for details on credit transfer processes and details of insurance coverage for official trips under the “travel insurance” tab.

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Students apply directly to CIPE and may list up to ten institutions/programmes on their applications. Of these ten, up to two may be non-partner programmes. Successful candidates will be nominated to their host institutions/programmes, unless that institution/programme is a non-partner, in which case students must manage their own applications. If CIPE’s offer indicates the name of the institution, students can only apply for direct enrolment with the institution and not through a third party provider such as Oxford Study Abroad Programme (OSAP). If students are not sure, they should always check with CIPE before proceeding. In all cases, final acceptance decisions will be made by the host institutions/programmes.


Academic Year 2019/20 Semester 1 Online Application. Log in by selecting “I have a username and password,” and using your NUSNET ID and password. 

Click here to see the current list of available study abroad spots: List of partner and non-partner spots (as of Jan 2019)

Applications are due on Sunday, 10 February 2019, at 5pm.

Please read and follow suggestions on How to Request a Letter of Recommendation.


Application deadline: Sunday, 10 February 2019, at 5pm.
Notification of nomination/approval: by approximately one month after application deadline
Confirmation of attendance: by a week from notification of nomination/approval
Pre-departure orientation (Mandatory): Reading week in April, details TBD

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

Applications for spots on Partner Programmes and Non-Partner Programmes will be reviewed with several criteria in mind. These include:

    • Rationale for why the chosen programme fits into the student’s academic, professional, or personal development
    • Leadership or involvement in extracurricular activities, including student organisations, athletics, community engagement, research, internships, or other activities
    • Letter of recommendation from faculty recommender
    • Ability to serve as a good ambassador for Yale-NUS College; adaptability, flexibility
    • Intent to bring learning back to Yale-NUS College and share with the community
    • Good disciplinary standing
    • Academic transcript
    • CAP, to meet minimum requirements set by partner and host institutions