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Free University of Berlin

The Free University of Berlin is a research university founded in 1948. Located in Berlin, Germany, the University has 30,600 students enrolled in bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.

Number of Spots for Yale-NUS Students per semester: 2 in Semester 2 only (not available in Semester 1)

Due to the enthusiastic interest in study abroad and the volume of inquiries that we may receive, if you have any questions, please read the Semester Study Abroad FAQs carefully first. And if you have further questions unanswered in the FAQs, feel free to contact Wai Yee at

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Fields of Study

Students are able to take modules from a wide range of fields, subject to fulfilment of course prerequisites. These include Biology, Chemistry, and Pharmacy, Earth Sciences, Education and Psychology, History and Cultural Studies, Law, Mathematics and Computer Science, Philosophy and Humanities, Physics, Political and Social Sciences.

Language of Instruction

Almost all subjects are taught in German. Students should ideally have B-2 level German, but B-1 may also suffice, depending on the individual student and the type of courses he/she would like to pursue.

Please note that subjects taught in English outside the Departments of English and North American Studies are very limited in number. Availability may vary and cannot be guaranteed. An overview of subjects taught in English is available at Please use the “advanced search option” to find courses in English.

Students may also take German language courses to improve their German and may request special permission to take some graduate-level courses taught in English.

Full Course Load (Required Number of Credits)


Students are required to take the full course load at the host institution, which will be equivalent to 20 MCs upon successful completion of credit transfer procedures back at Yale-NUS College.

Academic Calendar

Study at the Free University is only possible in Semester 2.

Semester 2 lecture period: 18 April 2017 – 22 July 2017

Exam period: During the last two weeks of the lecture period; may vary from department to department.

Full academic calendar available here

A mandatory orientation programme takes place approx. 5-10 days before the lecture period starts.
Students will be provided with essential information about studying at Freie Universität Berlin such as course selection and enrollment, campus tours and how to use libraries and computers. The current orientation pro-gram is available online here.

CAP Requirement


If you are interested in studying abroad at this institution and currently have a CAP below 3.5, please contact a member of the CIPE International Programmes team.

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