Semester Study Abroad

Petition Programme

Here are the steps you need to take to petition to attend a non-partner institution/programme which has not yet been approved by CIPE:


IDENTIFY the institution(s)/programme(s) of interest and consider your rationale. Keep in mind that there are a limited number of spots to study abroad at non-partners. Funding for non-partner institutions/programmes is intended to support students with specific academic interests that are not necessarily covered through our partner institutions, and to increase the diversity of Yale-NUS students’ study abroad experiences.

When researching programmes, take note of eligibility requirements. E.g. some U.S.-run programmes may only be open to students enrolled in U.S. institutions.


You are responsible for MANAGING the application to your chosen programme and submitting all required materials to them by the stipulated deadlines. These deadlines may come before Yale-NUS’s internal deadline and timeline (see step 3), i.e. you may need to apply to a programme before knowing if your application/petition to study abroad has been approved. This means contacting your professors well in advance for recommendations, requesting for official transcripts from Registry (processing time is about a week), etc.


MEET with a CIPE International Programmes staff to discuss your programme selection and obtain general permission to apply for up to two petition programmes. This level of approval covers general health and safety considerations and the overall reputation of the programme.


CONSULT your Head of Studies, Major Adviser, or Academic Adviser (if you have yet to choose a major) to determine if and how a programme fits into progression in a potential/declared major. You should discuss in general terms what you wish to take, based on previous semesters’ offerings. As an aid, you could bring a tentatively-completed Application to Attend Petition Programme to this meeting.


SUBMIT the completed Application to Attend Petition Programme form along with your study abroad application by the designated deadline. You are required to submit a separate Application to Attend Petition Programme for each programme you are petitioning for (up to maximum of two). All petitions will be reviewed by the Study Abroad Petition Committee (composed of senior faculty and CIPE administrators), which will make the ultimate decision on whether a petition is approved.


Students will be notified of petition decisions.